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Solapur, like most Indian cities, is in a current state of change. However, this evolution has not been accompanied by creation of new urban spaces that are required for long term sustenance of the city.
Towards the centre of the city lies Saat Rasta Chowk, one of the major road intersections of the city. The physical organisation of the intersection is such that multiple nodes are created, resulting in multiple traffic conflict points. Pedestrian safety is a major issue, as no crossing facilities exist for the same. Additionally, a major portion of the intersection is consumed by road surface, resulting in the creation of a large urban heat island. This portion is excessive, with almost 6 lanes being dedicated to one-way traffic in certain portions. 
This Proposal presents an innovative solution to the issues listed, which are seen in similar traffic junctions all around India. The idea is simple in it’s nature, but large in it’s positive impact across all aspects- physical, social and environmental. In doing so, the city gains much- needed and valuable urban open space which becomes a green oasis within the city and a point of pride for the citizenry.
The Proposal is a replicable one, and aims to demonstrate what the future of sustainable urban India can look like.

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